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Most Companies Have 2-5 Year Experience Requirements... Do You Meet It?

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How Does the IA Path Auto Damage Certification Work?

There Are 3 Steps to the Auto Damage Certification

What Is Included in the IA Path
Auto Damage Certification?

Experience Requirements Waived with 40+ IA Firms

You'll earn the IA Path Auto Damage Collision Certification, the most respected auto damage certification, in the independent adjusting and appraising industry. This is what gets the 2-5 year experience requirement waived with 40+ IA Firms. - $3000 value

Auto Damage Inspection & Estimating Training

The Auto Damage Collision Masterclass is 20+ hours of high-quality video training that is on-demand and fits your schedule. You'll learn everything about how to be a successful auto damage appraiser of adjuster. - $2500 value

Personal Endorsement from IA Path & Chris Stanley

Upon graduation you will receive a personal endorsement from Chris Stanley and IA Path that you are competent and ready to work. Great for resumes, LinkedIn, and references. - $1000 value

Weekly Face to Face Mentorship & Community

Each Thursday you'll have access to a live virtual classroom where you can get support, questions answered, and watch an IA Path instructor write an estimate live. You get to see how it's done and ask questions. Plus as a certification student you get access to the archive of past Livewrites. - $1200 value

Mentorship and a Help Room For When You Need It Most

You'll have direct access to IA Path Mentors & graduates to get help with your claims, get advice in your career, and never be alone. 1 year access is included in with the certification and if you can renew year after year. - $1000 value

Claim Scenarios & Practice Estimates

This homework is the shortcut for you to know what you are doing right and wrong. When you are done you’ll write estimates like a veteran. No one will be able to tell you are new when they look at your estimates. Plus we have an archive of bonus practice estimates so you can write to your hearts content. - $750 value

CCC One Estimating Software Training

Learn everything you need to know about writing auto damage estimates in the industry leading auto estimating software, CCC One. The Advanced CCC One Masterclass walks you through everything including setting up your system, writing estimates, to closing claims, you'll be a CCC One pro. Insurance carriers, IA firms, and body shops use CCC One. - $500 value

IA Path CCC One Certification LVL 1

You'll have the opportunity to prove you are competent with this estimating software. Level 1 certification tests your competency with the fundamentals of CCC One. - $500 value

Unlimited Access to Estimating Software

You'll gain access to the Mitchell Cloud estimating software so you can practice writing estimates, turn in your homework, and prove you are ready for work. - $500 value

Mitchell Estimating Software Training

You'll also have access to the Mitchell Crash Course that shows you how to use the second leading estimating software, Mitchell. We'll teach you the foundations of writing estimates in the software that some major insurance carriers, shops, and IA firms are using. - $300 value

Auto Hail Masterclass

You'll learn how to handle auto hail claims like a pro. Whether you want to head out to catastrophic deployments or you live in a hail prone area, this course will give you the tools to succeed. - $500 value

Auto Flood Zone

Handling flood claims is totally different than collision or hail. You'll know exactly how to write these estimates and be able to complete them FAST. - $500 value

Adjuster Resume Help

You'll have access to the Adjuster's Resume Masterclass plus as a certification student, Chris Stanley, the co-author of the Adjuster's Resume Playbook, will review your resume and offer improvement advice upon request. - $450 value

Total Value $13,200

Your Cost = $3,497

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